Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hong Kong Videos

Quite a shock landing in a typhoon, plenty of wind and rain, just like Yorkshire then!

We didn't quite eat the freshest food we that was available.

Epic show, can't believe they do this every night! And it goes on for about 20minutes. We watched it from Kowloon side, where the accompanying music is played.

The rain was so heavy it was actually exciting to experience. The Buddha was pretty good too, and big!


becka said...
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becka said...

Hey J & J,
Hope you're well. Loving the video's and pictures. Keep em coming!

James, your chuckle when the fish started flapping around made me laugh! I can't believe all the rain, and i thought the weather here was bad!

Anyways, take care. Miss you lots,
Love becka

sonja said...

Hi Jody, Hi James
Have just gone thru your whole blog(is that the right word to use Jody? no doubt Lou will put me right)
This is my second attempt at posting on here, did it all a few mins ago then lost the lot when I hit the send button, cause I had to register or sign in or something. If this one doesn't work then I'm gonna give upand will email u instead. Should be sorting out car insurance for Graham but got sidetracked, you always did distract me Jody!!!
Back to the point of this comment :-
It all looks very nice, and just one question springs to mind at the mo - Are the steaks over there as good as the ones here (you know where I mean, can't mention the place cos I'll get accused of trying to advertise) only James said in one of the blogs "mines a steak please"
Trouble is I went thru them all then couldn't find appropriate one to post this comment on. Not to worry.
See you at the wedding Jody, its a pity you aren't coming James, cos I think it will be a very good do (think steak is on the menu that day too)
Love to you both, and may your time out there continue in the way it has started, Sonja xx
PS Tell Bob and Jane me and Gypsy would love to do a bit of farm-sitting, but she would be too busy chasing the cows and sheep!!!