Friday, 5 December 2008

Google Streetview - amazing!!

Hey all

Just to let you know, Google Streetview has now been completed for New Zealand. So you can now see the streets we pound on a daily basis.

Here’s the entrance to our house (97B, down that driveway), if you turn 180degrees you can see the fish shop!

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This is where we catch the ferry to the city

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This is where I work

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This is where Jody works

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View from the harbour bridge, crossed daily on my bus to/from work

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Final Mo

Was it all worth it? No! Look at that pathetic catepillar above my top lip. And none of you sponsored me!! I had to donate $10 myself, just so I didn't come last in the company! Still, can't wait for next year.....

28 days later (well, more like 30days, but I couldn't think of any refernce to that)

Say booyaaaah

The obligatory comedy Hitler cut (not that he was ever funny)

You wanna get cut?!
So, thanks again for all your support, hope you're all enjoying the british winter. Just a quick note, it's 24degrees over here. Definately no snow or ice in sight.