Sunday, 29 June 2008

On to phase 2

Hong Kong what can i say- it's been "Wet"

We went to see the big budda yeasterday and it poured so we didn't hang around too long before we thought of out stomachs (you know james) so we headed of for a place called the 'tea gardens' which was recommended in the guide books, We walked about 5 minutes in the rain along a track through some trees expecting to find a traditonal garden, but to our surprise it was just a run down leanto, i loved it!! there were huge dogs just laying there out of the rain a massive snail just next to my chair and we sat on old plastic garden furniture! We ordered our food and the woman had to run through the rain to an actual building, it's sole function - kitchen. Then when it was ready her and another woman walked back (-one carrying an umbrella) with our food. The food was the best i've had here and the setting of a junk yard made the whole experience for me.
We then paddled back along the path barefooted (the water had risen that much) to the cable car!!

Sums up Hong Kong- Good but Quirky


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hong Kong

We're in Hong Kong

It's really wet and hot here. Apparently it's typhoon season.

We haven't really done much except slept, so i haven't much to say only that it smells here and the foods nothing like english chinese food. no chicken fried rice although i did find a small whole crab in some rice yesterday- it put me right off!

Jody. xx

Nothing to add from me, except that yesterday was the longest and weirdest day of my life. I spent the day spotting asian look alikes of all you lot back in the UK!

James. x

PS-Although every man and his dog (which he'll probably eat soon!) has an umbrella, we can't find anywhere to actually buy one!

PPS-Haven't found an internet cafe where we can upload some photo's yet - the hunt continues.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The difficult Goodbyes

The last few days have been some of the hardest in my life.
Thursday night we had a fantastic party and we're so happy that we had such a good turn out. It means so much to us. So thanks if you manage to get there, even if for a just a short time.
It was so hard leaving the venue for me, as i knew i wouldn't be seeing all of those people for at least a year and many of them i would never have the same relationship with again.

James and me have both been spending individual time with our families.
I travelled south to mum and dad's spent a night there, then travelled in convoy to sunny hunny to spend the remainding 2 days with Fay, parents, grandparents and a aunt and uncle. The constant feel of dread of the inpending farewells really hung over me. Although i had a great couple of days i was constantly on the brink of tears.

I have my final farewell tomorrow which i'm dreading. Then it's all go.

This move is definately not for the faint hearted.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Day has come....... ship our stuff to the other side of the world!

After several days of frantic packing, late nights and early mornings, (and short tempers!) the shipping company are turning up today to collect our belongings. It will hit home once they've taken our stuff that yes, we're definately moving to New Zealand.

Anyway, a pretty short post from me because it's 8am, I've already been out of bed for 1.5 hours and I haven't eaten anything yet!! Breakfast beckons.

Bye bye computer (from now on we'll be logging on remotely - how modern of us!)



Thursday, 12 June 2008

With less than a week to go until the shipping company arrives and we need to have finished packing up our lives, i find i'm messing about on the internet not doing any packing. I use this method of distracting myself a lot but it means i then have a last minute mad packing rush. The more stress i'm under the less i actually achieve. (Poor James)
Today i've got to:
-Ring rental company about our house that we haven't sold and see if we can rent it out instead.
- Ring Party venue to see if babies our allowed
- Ring Finacial advisor about what we can do about the mortgage when the fix rate runs out.
- Pack Pack Pack EVERYTHING!
- Oh and the HIPS man has just been by. It's so uncomfortable when the house looks like a bomb hit it, to have a man looking round.
On top of that my mum and James' mum are coming over tonight for tea.
All in all there is absolutely NO time for me to be on here writing this!
Jody x