Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Some recent photo's

Hey all,
Just a few photo's from my camera phone from over the past few weeks, mostly of a walk we went on last Sunday down near Cambridge with Kieran and Nic. Just like the Yorkshire Dales, except for the tropical stuff and amazingly crystal clear river.

A Maori carving up in a place called Omaha. Huge designer houses line the beach up here, showoffs!

A fern ready to unravel - NZ is covered with these things.

We'll be back to swim in this one day.

On my ferry home last night, the NZ Americas Cup yaughts sailed past. They're pretty big, about 40m high!?

We're hoping to get some of the Thailand vids up here soon, been a bit lazy recently!

Until then,




Laura said...

looks beautiful - your so lucky uncle james and auntie jody, wish i was there with you! missing you lots
love mol

Wayne said...

Aye up cockers,

Just enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening, you'll be just starting work.
Glad to hear your both having a great time, the pictures look brilliant but a 20k run knighty? you nutter.
Keep up with the emails, it feels like your still working in round the corner in Leeds.



James & Jody said...

Ha ha, Little did you realise Shadders, that it was a public holiday here last monday, so your remark on us just starting work as you relax on sunday evening fell on deaf ears, as we were enjoying a well deserved sleep in!
Enjoy the Richardsons bonfire, burn a guy of comedy resemblance for me!