Friday, 5 December 2008

Google Streetview - amazing!!

Hey all

Just to let you know, Google Streetview has now been completed for New Zealand. So you can now see the streets we pound on a daily basis.

Here’s the entrance to our house (97B, down that driveway), if you turn 180degrees you can see the fish shop!

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This is where we catch the ferry to the city

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This is where I work

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This is where Jody works

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View from the harbour bridge, crossed daily on my bus to/from work

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Louise said...

Wow thats really cool. Your street looks really nice.

Merry Christmas!

Louise & Darrell

Kate Grimshaw said...


This all looks fantastic! I'm so pleased you seem to be having such a great time and have settled in. Thank you so much for the card, we were all thrilled to hear from you!

Just to let you know we too have a blog now... yes, very 21st century I know it's

So you can keep up to date with what we do!

You take care!

Kate and the Leeds Mencap team