Sunday, 22 November 2009

The New House

Yes, we know it's been a long time since we updated the blog. So what, we've been busy and lazy all at the same time. Anyway, we've bought a house over here - thought we might aswell, stop paying someone elses mortgage and get our own debt!

Here's some pics - it's all work in progress of course.

The washing line (wow!). Jody's replaced the line itself, which was a project which she was rightly proud to complete successfully

This is the location the veggie plot (before we attacked it with spades and forks and aggression)

The veggie plot all ready to be planted in.

The deck - it was a nice black colour when we moved in due to years of neglect. A water blasting and a fresh coat of deck protector has given it a new lease of life.


Other end of the deck

The kitchen - needs a complete overhall, but will do for now.

The living room - it's not actually cold, Jody's just got a fever which is likely to turn in to chicken pox!

Kitchen and dining room, and my mirror which has come with me to every house I've lived in since I was about 15.

Again, it's not that cold - poor Jody.

Our herb planters - ex wine barrels. I'm guessing this one stored red wine?

That's it for now, my mum gets here this Tuesday for just over two weeks. Really looking forward to seeing her and my Uncle Martin and Aunty Sandra. Kinda weird to think we haven't seen them for nearly 18months. Probably not so bad due to Skype being so good these days! Hopefully Jody doesn't develop chicken pox so she can come away with us all as I show my mum this beautiful country.
inabit ya'll.

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