Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Messin about..... what I do during my lunchbreaks. Hence the appearance of some new stuff over there (to the right). I've added an all important world clock for the international mega centres of Wakefield and Auckland, just so you know when we're in bed, and vice-versa. I'm also playing around with the voting thingy - whether this stays or not is down to if I like the results!!!

Anyway, back to work for me, whilst you lot remain in slumberland.



alison said...

I voted for your blogs Jody - See - your family has not forgotten you!Graham and I are keeping up with the blog. Please tell us about the move and new home....
Love Alison and Graham

dad/chris said...

james-your not keeping up with jody on your descriptive analogy i.e. essay/story telling,take a "leaf" so to speak to win this vote,but your photo's & comments on them level it out so it's 1 eachoefjj

Laura said...

Morning Jimbo & Jody

hope you've settled into your new pad!

Just off to bed but will email you tomorrow.

Russ and girls say hi, we're all missing you

L x