Tuesday, 12 August 2008

New Zealand- The house hunt

Ok i know i promised you tales from Ko Tao and the scuba diving, but that will just have to wait!!

We've been NZ now for nearly 2 weeks and i have to say it been pretty manic.
We arrived on a wednesday and James was to start work the next monday so we spend the first few days searching for work clothes for him and shoes. We hired a car and drove around getting a feel for the city and before we knew it it was monday and i was left all alone for the first time in 2 months ish. Unfotunately i didn't have time to wallow in the abandoment as i had one small job - to set up our lives New Zealand.
My priorties were finding a house, aquiring money from our English bank accounts (withdrawing the maxium limit daily $800) and paying it into our accounts here, finding a job of my own and half hearted looking for a car.

I have been to a job interview for an agency and they were very positive that i will get work but they can not proceeed without my IRD number which is like the English national insurance number. So that's on hold as they can not issue that without a permanant address and then it takes 10 working days to come once you've applied. So i've got at least 2 more weeks off 'official work' the kind you get paid for.

Car hunting- James needs to be there. I'm not being girlie but it's the first time we'll be sharing a car and i don't want to be held accountable if James doesn't like it.

Believe me finding a place to live has kept me busy and i dare say i've put in as many hours as James has. (Mum - I'm not a lady of leisure! YET)
We had a deadline. We had two weeks from when we landed pre paid on the hotel we're staying in and after that it would cost us $135 a night a price we just can't afford to pay at the moment. So tomorrow is the deadline!!

Our house hunting process has gone like this -
1. Go on the internet (cafe) find a property you like- price, location, commutor links, rooms and pictures.
2. Phone (hotel) agents and check it is still availible.
3. Drive to the property and view it from the outside (Agents like to check your not wasting their time and that you actually like the location)
4. Phone (hotel) agents and confirm you would like to view it and arrange a time. (i've left a lot of messages that were never returned)
5. View the property taking photos and videos.
6. Talk James through each property using maps videos and photos as well as driving by in the the dark and peering through windows so he can get a feel of the places too.

I must have viewed 20 or so properties so by the end they were all merging in my mind.
My favourite property was one in St Heliers near the beach 2 bedrooms, unfunished, pets allowed (we really want a dog) and with an open fireplace in the bedroom. I dragged james along friday evening to look at it and he loved it too. The only problem was there was still tenants living there and they weren't sure when they were going to leave (really soon they assured us) We had 4 properties to view the next morning. After those viewings, we had another contender a fully furnished property on the north shore near a ferry port (James' commutor route) With 3 bedrooms, all the white goods plus extras like a cutlery, plates pots, pans, TV and a hot tub. Only problem was the landlord umming and ahhing about whether to put it up for sale in November (dependant on the property market) so we could quite easily have to search for another house on 4 months time. This property made a lot of sense as it would give us time to save up for washing machines and fridges but we weren't sure about location.

Monday morning i decided to walk around the area and get a feel for it. I was pleasantly suprized. The sun was out so i was waliking around in a t-shirt. the ferry was only 10 mins away and the sea 5 mins there were some bush tracks. I was texting James to tell him i'd decided which was my favourite when (if this isn't a sign from God i don't know what is) my phone rings in my hand, with the agent at St Heliers telling me that the other property was off the market as they weren't sure whether when the tenants would be moving out. Descion made!!
James and me are moving in to the property on the North Shore tomorrow (Wednesday). Dead on time!!

Sorry if there are lots of mistakes only James isn't here to spell check.

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