Sunday, 29 June 2008

On to phase 2

Hong Kong what can i say- it's been "Wet"

We went to see the big budda yeasterday and it poured so we didn't hang around too long before we thought of out stomachs (you know james) so we headed of for a place called the 'tea gardens' which was recommended in the guide books, We walked about 5 minutes in the rain along a track through some trees expecting to find a traditonal garden, but to our surprise it was just a run down leanto, i loved it!! there were huge dogs just laying there out of the rain a massive snail just next to my chair and we sat on old plastic garden furniture! We ordered our food and the woman had to run through the rain to an actual building, it's sole function - kitchen. Then when it was ready her and another woman walked back (-one carrying an umbrella) with our food. The food was the best i've had here and the setting of a junk yard made the whole experience for me.
We then paddled back along the path barefooted (the water had risen that much) to the cable car!!

Sums up Hong Kong- Good but Quirky



Anonymous said...

Hello J & J,
Glad you got there safe. Been thinking about you alot and wondering where you are.
Make sure you keep up with this!

Love you both,

Lou said...

Hey guys, glad your on your way. Sounds as though Hong Kong as wet as Leeds has been!! What no chicken fried rice! I'd come home and order one IMMEDIATELY!! Enjoy your travels, Have fun, Keep safe and catch up with you soon. Lou (nanny!) x