Thursday, 12 June 2008

With less than a week to go until the shipping company arrives and we need to have finished packing up our lives, i find i'm messing about on the internet not doing any packing. I use this method of distracting myself a lot but it means i then have a last minute mad packing rush. The more stress i'm under the less i actually achieve. (Poor James)
Today i've got to:
-Ring rental company about our house that we haven't sold and see if we can rent it out instead.
- Ring Party venue to see if babies our allowed
- Ring Finacial advisor about what we can do about the mortgage when the fix rate runs out.
- Pack Pack Pack EVERYTHING!
- Oh and the HIPS man has just been by. It's so uncomfortable when the house looks like a bomb hit it, to have a man looking round.
On top of that my mum and James' mum are coming over tonight for tea.
All in all there is absolutely NO time for me to be on here writing this!
Jody x

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dad/chris said...

wow i now can use a blogger @ almost 60 but still struggling to type & send photo(where is the blasted appostrophy)there it is' any way when i figure out "how" then i'll send u 2 a comparison of ur postcard 2 my 1991 trip in hong kong"you will be amazed as i was !!!