Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hong Kong

We're in Hong Kong

It's really wet and hot here. Apparently it's typhoon season.

We haven't really done much except slept, so i haven't much to say only that it smells here and the foods nothing like english chinese food. no chicken fried rice although i did find a small whole crab in some rice yesterday- it put me right off!

Jody. xx

Nothing to add from me, except that yesterday was the longest and weirdest day of my life. I spent the day spotting asian look alikes of all you lot back in the UK!

James. x

PS-Although every man and his dog (which he'll probably eat soon!) has an umbrella, we can't find anywhere to actually buy one!

PPS-Haven't found an internet cafe where we can upload some photo's yet - the hunt continues.


Mum B said...

Hi J & J, have you caught up with your sleep yet? I haved looked at the forecast over there, high temps. day & night + humidity high (plenty of rain)Lucky you bought pac a mac James! you said you wanted to explore local cuisine not as nice as "Wagamama" then?
Enjoy all the experiences & be very happy.Very proud of you both, lots of Love Mum B

Laura said...

What?? can't find an internet cafe in hong kong?? your clearly not looking hard enough, (same goes for the brollies!!)

How weird is this... I spoke to a colleague from HSBC Bangkok yesterday I was how weird "my brother and girlfiend are going there next week!" she said she'd look out for you!! she'll look out for an english version of her brother ha ha ha!

Enjoy your crab fried rice (mmmmmm!)
love you lots L x

Laura said...

James, cazn you txt me your sky password - your account has not been cancelled, by the looks you have only just cancelled your DD but they are accruing charges - they won;t let mum do it cos she doesn;t have your password. If you send it to us I'll get russ to call and canx.....did you just canx your DD's with everyone or did you advise them individually? water, council gas & electric?

L x

James & Jody said...


I cancelled our Sky account by email, as when I got through by phone I got cut off (after 20mins of waiting!). It may take 30 days, so I reckon cancelling our direct debit wasn't such a good idea hindsight.

I can't really remember our password. I'll email you some suggestions which we may have used, and also our pincode which we used?

Mum could try ringing Jody's Mum - she's got our bulk file with all the Sky stuff in it (account no, etc.)