Sunday, 6 July 2008

Chiang Mai Trekking Pictures

Full story to follow, but for now, here's some pictures from our trek through the mountains of North Thailand.

In order:
Jody in the waterfall
View over a villages orchard/fields (we picked some fruit for dinner)
Paddy fields of the village we stayed at the first night
The dinner table of the first night's hut
Local preparing our dinner (Thai Green chicken curry)
Fresh frogs (live) caught in the night.
Deep fried frogs for breakfast!
A bridge (totally safe!)
Elephant beetles (found inside a dead bamboo trunk) (x2)
Praying mantis
Nice view (misty)
Dinner table at our second night's hut
Local sat on an elephants head
Us lot on the elephant trek (x2)
Freshly killed pig (not by me!)
Freshest meat we'll ever eat (and all the crackling you could ever want!)

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Laura said...

Where's the Yorkshire Pud's?? he he he

Love you lot's

L x