Friday, 25 July 2008

Wow, it's only some more bloomin pictures!

I know, I'm spoiling you all now. We've just finished our scuba diving course (PADI Open Water) on Ko Tao. It took 4 days, and we're now spending our last day here chilling out/on the internet.

Here's some photo's from the last couple of weeks, from Ko Phi Phi, to Krabi, then Kao Sok National Park (trekking and staying in the floating huts):

Ko Phi Phi - our beach hut was at the end of the beach behind Jody (near the big cliff)

Some fire dancing on Ko Phi Phi

Our beach hut (8 quid a night!)

Our view from the beach hut

Monkeys on monkey beach - Ko Phi Phi

Kayaking back to the main beach on Ko Phi Phi - it was raining (heavy) but we still got burnt!

This is how jody burnt her belly!

Ko Phi Phi from the viewpoint - worth the 20minute, near vertical climb!
Sunset from the viewpoint - Ko Phi Phi

Minutes of perseverance allowed me to capture the lightening!
Big limestone rock - Krabi
On a longtail boat - Krabi
In our jungle hut, with our new hammock and adopted dog - Kao Sok national park

Monkeys at a nearby Temple - Kao Sok
Big spider!!
Kao Sok
Kao Sok
On the way to the raft huts on a huge resevoir - Kao Sok
The raft huts
Some sort of reptile clinging to some sort of vegetation
Big stick insect

A flying chameleon


Right, time for a beer me thinks.





dad/chris said...

looks like hunstanton/israel/cyprus
all rolled into 1,gud pic's keep them coming,we all enjoy them!!
memories,hay'what a time??
love you both

Fay said...

AHHH! I know that dog! it stayed outside our hut too! Did they shout at the other dog a lot? That brings back memories, it looks like you stayed in different raft houses to the ones I stayed in! Hope everything is all well in Newze! Hopefully speak to you properly sooN! xx

dad/chris said...

on the "monkey's at a nearby temple-kao sok"pic,which one is the monkey?he he!!!!