Thursday, 31 July 2008

We've made it!

Finally, we're in Auckland, New Zealand!

We landed in the midst of a storm late in the afternoon, but have woken to blue skies this morning. It's supposed to be winter, but we're walking around in just jumpers - it does feel weird having to wear socks and shoes again though.

I can't believe I have to start work in 4 days, though it will be nice to start using my brain properly again (All I've had to do recently is remember how to say 'thankyou' in Thai!).

We've got loads of photo's to still to upload, and once we get our own computer from the shipping we'll upload some of the videos we took whilst travelling.

Hope all is well in blighty. Heard that the weather's been pretty good recently (I don't believe it, it's nearly August!)



1 comment:

dad/chris said...

congrats u 2 yaba daby doo!!!!!
no bob hasn't yet called but i have a bit of an idea about ur house let? no not me moving in,i'll e-mail you with the details
when u r online or skype me asap.
luv u both